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Our customers can rest assured that every inch of material they receive is usable and meets our stringent quality standard. There is so much usable wood already existing in the world, it just needs to be freshened up for reuse, that is where we come in.

Blue Ox was founded in 1998 by Rodney. He has established the values that the company runs by – ‘We do what we say we are going to do’ . That level of integrity and work ethic has kept the business growing all these years. The Blue Ox team upholds these values, and you can expect not only quality service, but a quality product as well.

BLUE OX team



Nick has been in the wood flooring industry for 14 years. He is a firm believer in the words of the great John Wooden-“If you don’t have time to do it right the first time…when will you have time to do it over again”. At Blue Ox we strive to make sure our product is milled right, every time we send it out.


Miguel is the plant foreman.  He makes sure that our customers’ orders are being given the property attention as they are processed.


Raul is Blue Ox’s longest serving team member. With almost 15 years of service there isn’t a piece of equipment that he can’t run or that he can’t fix.


There isn’t a better set of eyes for pulling nails from reclaimed boards than Brian’s. His work is critical to ensuring our machines don’t encounter problems caused unseen debris buried in the centuries old wood that we us to create our customers’ one of a kind flooring


Jesus is the Blue Ox defect man. He is meticulous in his efforts to deliver only usable material to our customers by ensuring any defective piece is caught before an order goes out the door. He personally touches and inspects every board that leaves our plant.


Eric is the shop craftsman. A master furniture builder he loves to tackle the special jobs that require an artists touch.


Delivery with a handshake and a smile is Brent’s expertise. If something shows up that isn’t right Brent will make sure that it is made right.


Juan is a rising star. In his two years of service at Blue Ox he has learned a variety of different processes and we look forward to providing him the resources to grow in his contributions to our business’s growth and our customers’ satisfaction


Rodney founded Blue Ox in 1998 and has established the values that we all live by — we do what we say we are going to do.